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Mission Statement
To retrieve from the past that which is already lost to time and the ages, and preserve it for future generations.  


After the Third World War in 1997 the survivors made discovering time travel the utmost priority, in much the same way JFK made going to the moon a goal in the1960's. In 2015 it was finally achieved and the government launched an expedition into the past to avert the crisis. They succeeded in stopping the 1997 WW, but the victory was bittersweet and only temporary, as WWIII happened again in 2020, beginning with the second American Civil War.  Time travel was heavily regulated by what was left of the government until 2045. Outta Time Inc., was born that year following the government deregulation of time travel technologies. For over two decades Outta Time Inc. has been at the forefront of historical artifact preservation. We are currently hiring time travel cadets for special "clean up missions" into timelines we have already visited. Step inside and see if you would be interested in visiting one of these temporal anomalies in the space time continuum with us!

While other escape rooms have bored employees that shove you into a mostly empty room with a barrel and some locks for an hour, Outta Time does it differently. ~~From the moment you walk in the door, you'll see that this escape game is different. Outta Time eXcape is a unique and immersive, escape room adventure that you would expect from a national theme park. All of this was possible thanks to the imagination of our CCO and Co-Owner, RJ Haddy.

RJ Haddy is a Hollywood Production and FX Designer with over 20 years experience working in the entertainment industry. RJ has finally brought his unique and quirky vision of the future to the escape room genre. All effects and storytelling were crafted and produced on-site in our 13,000 sq ft production facility, here in Charleston, West Virginia.

Everything from our games, to our lobby, and even the restrooms are meticulously detailed.

Outta Time eXcape rooms isn’t just an escape room, its a combination of live theater, escape games, unique set designs and effects that would rival any blockbuster film. Live actors, who remain in character, will greet you and help you along on your mission, to further drive the overall narrative of OUTTA TIME INC., and the retro-futurism/post-apocalyptic world of the year 2077. The properties, lights, sounds, and even smells are candy for the senses and bring you, as a player, into your own immersive and personal journey through time and space. Outta Time eXcape rooms isn’t just an escape room, its a playable adventure that puts you in the middle of your own live action movie!

​So what are you waiting on? Join us now by heading to the booking page for your own expedition through time and space in an escape room you’ll never forget and be dying to tell all your friends about!

Can you find all of the precious artifacts before you’re… Outta Time?!

Outta Time Inc Lobby
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Outta Time does not allow walk-ins. Everyone must book online, two hours in advance.


Open Thurs to Sun (Check Bookings for Time)

By Appointment Monday to Wednesday

For Special Events & Team Building, Please Call.


1422 Washington St E

Charleston, WV 25301

(681) 265-3714​


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