Outta Time Inc is currently looking for new Time Travel Cadets, such as yourself, for the missions below!

Review each mission and choose wisely.

To be promoted to a Time Travel Officer, you must travel to all four destinations and retrieve the artifacts within the allotted times.

It should be every Time Travel Cadet's goal to become a Time Officer! Our Time Travel Officers get a very special swag bag of surprises upon completion!


Mission Time Period:

October 8, 1849

Team Members:

Up to 6 (note: highly recommended minimum of 3-4)


Edgar Allan Poe's Victorian writing study 


The day after Poe's death. Rumor has it an unpublished manuscript by EAP exists but has never been found, not even by our advance team.


​Find and retrieve the lost, unpublished manuscript of EAP.  

Return to 2077 immediately upon retrieval. 


Difficulty level:



Mission Time Period:

May 17, 1791

Team Members:

Up to 6 (note: highly recommended minimum of 3-4) 


Interior: Zelda the Gypsy Witch's Caravan


Zelda the Gypsy Witch has long been rumored to carry an artifact that can halt the process of Lycanthropy. We have pinpointed a time when Zelda is not in the caravan but she will be back shortly.


​Find the talisman and return to 2077 immediately.  


Difficulty Level:


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